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Astrological cards and a Book

Cheer up your friend with the personal postcard! 

Cards are printed in beautiful, solid, matt finished cardboard.

Back side of the card: On the left top a sign of Zodiac and its period e.g. Sagitarius 23.11. 23.12.
A right part normal postcard hatching.

Astrological pictures here.


Single card, size A6

All astrological cards are sell in Huvila Härkä, Somero.

Cards available also a bit bigger size, two parts folder, printed in beautiful, solid, matt finished cardboard. A sign of Zodiac and its period below the picture on front cover. Blank inside. Envelope included. Astrological pictures here.

Two part card size 12 x 17 cm


Other Astrological cards:
Scorpion, Capricorn and Aquarius available also in pencil drawings printed in beautiful, matt
finished cardboard, size A 6 Here.



Monochrome astrological cards for little girls are printed in beautiful, half matt cardboard. Back
side normal postcard hatching. Astrological information below the picture. Here.                                                                         

Single card, size A6












Onnelliset tähtien alla/Blessed Under the Stars

The Astrological cards are illustration in the book ”Blessed Under the Stars”. In the book (112
pages) there are twelve stories written by Kari Välimäki. The stories are moments and shades from twelve womens lifes. Funny and insideful astrological stories hook you on to read more. In the stories you might find yourself, your neighbour, friend, mother...




An english version ”Blessed Under the Stars” is available as an eBook in here:


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